We got a couple of new things and rearranged some things for 2003. The pictures aren't good, sorry about that, didn't have the time to do some nice ones like last year. But, you'll get the idea.

This is some new garland we picked up for $2! This is over the office window.

I've had these two for a couple of years, they were a gift from my dad. This year they found a home at the foot of the stairs.

I love these things. Got them at Michael's for $15. Can't see here, but they have 200 multi lights on them.

Rita got us this nifty stocking holder.

Here's our fresh tree this year. It is a bit smaller than last year, but still quite a lovely tree. Hi Belle!

Here's our new tree skirt. Its red velvet with all the holly stuff embroidered on.

More of the $2 garland, I like this stuff.

I've had this wreath for lots of years too, but I just found it. It somehow got stuck in Rita's decorations.

The stockings replaced the clocks in the hallway. Also put the blown glass tree at the top of the stairs.

Blown glass tree, top of the stairs.

Even our aloe plant is in the mood.