As you can probably guess from our addiction to Halloween, Christmas is another holiday that we go pretty crazy for. Just like I could attribute my Halloween addiction to a parent, my Christmas addiction comes from my mom. I couldn't even begin to explain (nor would you believe me) the amount of decorations my mom has. The attic is literally filled to the rafters, and it is an all day job just to get all the boxes down. She was kind enough to send some photos this year, so be sure to check them out.

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What's New?

Dec. 10
- Took a handful of bad pictures of new/rearranged stuff for 2003. Check it out.

Dec. 10
- Added a brand new section to the site called Guests (Thanks to Josh and Ashley for kicking this section off) . This is where I'll be displaying pictures of other folks' decorations. This means you need to send me some pictures of your house or tree or whatever! Also added a fourth page to the Interior section.

Dec. 10 - Thanks to my Mom, I can now show off her amazing collection of decorations. Aren't you jealous? I know I am!

Dec. 9- We spent Sunday decorating the Fresh tree and it is absolutely gorgeous. 450 lights. 162 ornaments. 54 feet of garland. Also added another page to the Indoors decorations.

Dec. 7- Just got back from picking up the Fresh tree and holy crap is it huge. Decorations will go on tomorrow.

Nov. 28 - Added the Indoors section showcasing random goodies all over the house. Also, check out the new candy canes we added Outdoors.

Nov. 23 - Another tree! Say hello to the Blown Glass Tree.

Nov. 22 - Added some pics of our outdoor lighting action in the Outdoors section.